Monday, 27 August 2007

Chak De India.....

I watched this movie last week. Very inspiring and very motivating movie. It all depends on viewers how they want to take this movie!!!!
More than emphasising on Hockey, i liked the way the director (Shamit Amin) tried to Unite the gals. Me being a girl i know how difficult it is to make all 16 girls to work towards one single GOAL.

Attitude is one quality which plays a very big role when we are working in a team though the team might be sports team or corporate team. Everyone work towards their individual goals and forget team goal. Being an individual contributor is easy but when you have to work in a team you have to think about team growth by sacrificing your dreams to some extent.
after watching this movie, i am planning to adopt few of the very good points shown by director in my team and also in life :)

1) Being individual contributor doest always helps for the team. Be a team player. ( Preethi and komal)

2) Being senior doesn't mean that one should get all consideration. Attitude does matter while growing in a team. (Bindya)

3) Be Patient and Control temper (Balbir)

4) Give importance to Communication (Sui Mui)

5) Try to balance career and family (Vidya Sharma)

Overall, movie gives lot many good points for watchers. Great Work done by the director and team..... Thanks for giving us such a wonderful movie........

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