Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Whats happening in LIFE ????

hmmm its been really long time i didn't post anything.... nothing great is happening in life.
Its the same monotonous office and home.. :)

Work is bit hectic. Had my appraisal few days back. I am happy this time. I think i can say i deserve this ratings and appreciation. My responsibility has increased now.
Need to plan my work and concentrate more.

I always have this negative quality in me... if i take up any new thing i don't work towards completing it. I leave it half way....I hate this quality of mine but still i am not able to work towards it. Every year i make some new resolution but i never bother to complete it.
Have lot of thoughts in my mind like i shud take up correspondence course like MBA/MS, do some certification like CCNA, learn painting, learn salsa, involve myself in social activities like ivolunteer, maintain my blog etc etc... uffff my list is really long and i am not able to concentrate on any of this. These thoughts are running in my mind since long time but i am not able to work towards it and make it happen.
This requires lot determination and i shud be clear in making goal.
Man... its high time, i have to make this happen. My favourite sir during Engineering Bhanuprashanth always used to say "Plan your Work and Work your Plan"....
I am just planning but not working towards it...lot of distractions and thinking unwanted stuff is the reason behind this.....
This time no... i am serious and decided that i will work on all my plans.
Will keep updating how it goes.... hope i will be able to overcome my negative quality at least this time. All the Best Bhavana !!!!!!

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