Friday, 12 October 2007

An Angel who helped me :)

I have to write about this incident... which really touched my heart and made me say so sweet of that guy!!!
This happened on tuesday Oct 9th. After a long time, i took out my Maruti 800 for a drive. even after 10 months my driving is still not perfect !!!! But i can somehow manage on a plain road and to some extent in a traffic road too!!! I was actually good at some point of time but one day when i was taking mom n dad in the car by mistake i put reveres gear instead of 4th. I still don't know what made me to do that and from that day onwards i am bit scared or get tensed while changing the gear!!! ok lets come back to this incident now!!
I had to meet this lady Rohini who works for Parikarama which is near Ashoka Pillar. She told me the landmark as Mayya Hospital and Adigas. Only thing she missed telling me is that the building/school is just before Ashoka pillar. without knowing that i just crossed Ashoka pillar n called her again. she told me come straight and you will see Mayya hospital and our school is just beside it. So i just drove further and i see Mallige hospital instead of Mayya hospital. Oh Shucks!!! I was lost :)
hmmm what should i do now ?? i just went straight and went towards double road and took a U turn near LalBagh and hit that ashoka pillar road again.
There is speed breaker just opposite to Lalbagh gate (siddappa/siddayya gate ummm not sure..)
When i had to go towards ashoka pillar from double road the road is bit up. I was in 3rd gear and when i came near the speed breaker i changed to 2nd. By the time i changed the gear, the speed went to 'zero' and my vehicle stopped and it moved backwards.Just behind me is Swift. That guy is not maintaining the min distance between vehicle. My vehicle went and banged him. He started honking...god... i started sweating like anything... i am tensed and i didn't know what to do and how to take my vehicle move now... i asked him to go back so that even if my vehicle moves back i can avoid banging to his car. He is not moving because behind him there is one more car and he is not understanding whats happening here.... I was half dead!!! I started my vehicle, half clutch...vehicle stated moving backwards... apply break vehicle stops... :( Within a split of second, a guy came running towards my car and asked me 'do u want me to park your car left side ??'.
I had no other option and said 'yes please....'.
He asked me to apply hand break and come out. I just did the same n came out. I just had my mobile in my hand. For a second a thought came into my mind, what if that guy just drove off my car ?? ( i feel sorry to think like this but these days i read more of this kind of cheating in the newspaper... as human being its very difficult to think optimistic always or at least in a panic situation like this). Fortunately, nothing as such happened. He parked my car and got down. I said "sorry....for all the trouble caused by me and thanks a lot". He said 'not a problem. Its all in the game".... and went towards his car and drove off. I don't even remember his face, name....nothing..he was wearing blue t-shirt and blue faded trouser. He just came from somewhere and helped me and left!!!! I felt so happy. I really thanked god for sending this sweet Angel.. I really don't know if he can get a chance to read my blog and if that happens... man i will jump up and down!!!!
Once again My Million Thanks to you my dear friend!!!!

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