Sunday, 18 May 2008

Last day.....

yup today is the last day in this company....may be my last post writing from office using office laptop......last day as a working gal... last day as a independent gal..... last day... feeling very nostalgic.. 2 1/2 yrs don't know how i finished in this company. I always wanted to give importance to personal life than the time has come and my Career has taken 2nd priority.

Monday morning i get up and it takes some time to digest that i don't have job in my hand. I don't have to getup at 5am and get ready for my shift. i don't have to think about SR's that i need to finish by the end of the day.... i don't have to wish for less issues for the day.... in 24hrs, i was occupied for almost 15hrs in work. I don't know how to utilize that 15hrs from tomorrow onwards. Will everybody have the same nostalgic feeling like me ???

so many memories associated with this company... i am so attached with the company rather than people over here... yeah i have made very few special frnds in this company but more than that i missing the company, the work i was doing.. i never cribbed about my work anytime in this 2 1/2 yrs. I was enjoying what i was doing and that is what making me feel so sad today. if i wouldn't have made this decision in my personal life, i wud have stick to this company forever.

ending this post here.... am really at a loss of words as there is no easy way to say good bye..
Hope to come back to Cerner again ~~~~~ really hope so.

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