Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Mysooru Dasara !!!!

Today i received few pics of dasara from one of my friend and that made me write few lines here.
Dasara ~ A Ten day festival which have been celebrated by kings of Mysore for centuries.
Though i lived very near to mysore, i have never seen Dasara procession which happens on the last day. I have seen the procession only in Tv. I still remember the days when we were kids, my mom used to tell me and my brother to finish our lunch soon so that we can watch the procession LIVE without any interruptions :) As we grow up, watching the same kind of procession every year kind of made us boring and add to that there were more channels telecasting movies or some other special shows on the festival day. I guess this will be the case with most of us. Its quite natural to forget the root as we grow up. What would we pass off to the next generation if we ourselves don't have interest in our culture and heritage ??

I remember my mom telling me stories of her childhood. She has seen the processions where the real kings used to sit on elephant's back. Now a days it is the idol of goddess Durga/Chamundi will be made to sit on elephant's back. All the stories behind celebrating this festival is real nice to hear. Its really important as an individual to pass off our cultures and traditions to the next generations. I remember one incident which happened in my previous company.

Sometime back i was supposed to take to few of my American colleagues to Mysore and near by places. Starting from srirangapatanam, chamundi hills, mysore palace and at last Brindhavan Garden. I some how managed to explain the history of srirangapatanam and chamundi hill but i failed to answer few of their questions inside mysore palace. I was quite amazed at myself and also felt bad that i don't know the history of my home town and the palace which i have been seeing since my childhood.

Why did this happen ?? Is it because i didn't show any interest to know about it or is it my parents didn't pass off all the details ?? or may be i didn't pester them by asking more and more questions.. All that i knew was the palace was built by kings and they live in there... there is a big golden thrown inside. just 3 lines :(

Now that we have sources like Internet, we can get to know the history of any city or monument sitting anywhere in the world. It is just a matter of click !!!!!!

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