Tuesday, 30 December 2008

<~~~ Good Bye 2008 ~~~>

Two more days and we will say good bye to 2008 and welcome 2009 with a hope to see a better year than last year. Make new resolutions, goals for the year. 
For me year 2008 has been like a 'Roller Coaster ride' and to be specific something like Mamba ride in worlds of fun, kansas MO. Mamba ride is one of the tallest, longest and fastest ride in the world. it first takes riders 200ft above ground level and then flings them toward earth at 75 miles per hr and ride duration is approx 3mins. In that 3mins,  it takes approx 2mins to reach 200ft and then all the fun and thrill is in just 1min.....

In 2008, i have seen days which were slow and monotonous, most precious and happy days,  not forgetting sad and low days, funny days, fighty days, thrilling days etc etc
When i look back in 2008, though i reached few very important milestones in my life, am not very satisfied with the way my days passed.  I just wish i don't get to see another year like this one in my life. 

Life took 180 degree change when i moved to UK. My career break for sometime really helped me in learning many other stuff which i had never done before. Got lot of time for myself and i have used that time both constructively and doing tp also :)  Am quite comfortable with my new life style here so its time for taking new challenges and responsibilities in life. 
I welcome 2009, hoping to see good and better days. 

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Sharath said...

I wish you a very happy and memorable 2009. May the coming year bring more and more joy to you and erase your not so good memories of 2008. God bless.