Thursday, 15 January 2009

Slumdog Millionaire....... my thoughts about this movie

I watched this last week after hearing a lot about this movie in news and entertainment channels. I just knew the gist of the movie that it is all about a slum boy contesting for and winning millions.

After watching this movie i had mixed thoughts. I didn't feel good by seeing it. Reasons may be i was not happy seeing " India " in that way,  may be i was not happy a westerner showing India as dirty underbelly developing country to the whole world....The so called developed countries like UK and US also has people who live in slums.Every country has its own negatives and positives be it
 developed country, developing country or under developing country.

My feeling is just similar to the feeling a person will have when his/her neighbour shows the dirt at his home.  I agree what ever is shown in the movie is real and another face of India which every one has to and will accept.

The movie has shown everything a kid will face living in slum which is true and fact. Good to see a director making a movie which is close to reality instead of making movies which have no logic, no thoughts.... wasting our 3hrs, crores of money etc
Somewhere deep down in my heart i just feel bad that foreigner is showing India and its slum to the whole world and bagging all kind of awards.
Truth always hurts....

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