Saturday, 7 March 2009

Election Vs Cricket

By reading the title, you might have guessed what i am writing here. Yes, its all about the internal fight happening between Politics and Cricket. Both of them have become important part of every Indian. Everything was running smooth until the Lahore attack. Due to security reasons, Govt. asked IPL to postpone the second season... but how can they say yes ?? Its a matter of hundreds of crores money which they have already invested... :)

So all kind of alternatives came into picture. They cant force govt. and neither govt. can take any chances by saying yes.... Its a matter of providing security not just to team India but also the foreign team players. Finally, after working day and night IPL board came with their alternative plan of playing cricket by changing venues. Haan.... that was really a neat job !!!

Government also agreed to this... I wonder how government is taking such a heavy risk during election time ?? A sport like cricket cannot be postponed even if we have loksabha elections.
Both Government and Cricket board are just thinking about their gain and loss, who is asking or even thinking about those innocent foreign players who are coming to play here (ofcourse they have taken enough money but ultimately its their life... ), what about military officers and police force who provide security for this game ( do they have any right to say no... who will listen to them ??).

Beginning last november 26/11 attack till recent lahore attack, we have seen terrorists activities. India has enough forces and it can tackle these terrorist but why risking or giving chance to them by creating such special cases!!! Is there no one to think about the welfare of the nation ??
God forbid, but if any unforeseen incidents takes place then no outside country will come to help us. Instead it would be great if Govt. think about common man lives rather than business loss for Sharuk khan, Mallya, Lalith modi, Ambanis and BCCI.

If this is cricket's story, then Indian politics is having its own fun just before elections. If anyone following news then they will better know the pre-election drama played by each party. Those break-ups and patch-ups which we see on-screen, shame on them. Even nursery kids are far far better than them.... Most of the people in politics have lost their ethics and just wait for opportunity to get their job done.  One thing which am finding hard to understand is why celebrities join politics ?  What do they want to achieve ? Sanjay dutt, Nagma, Azaruddin are few who wants to contest polls this time !!! I am forced to assume that people who are used to limelight cant sit at home enjoying their retd. life. So most easiest way to be in limelight is join any party or rather 'Mr. Amar Singh' 's party who happens to have most celebrities in his party.
When ever there is a problem at nation level and if government fails to give solution, the usual outcome of any discussion or debate is that people should come forward and vote for right party and now my question is if candidates who contest in elections are like this, then whom should we vote ??  Does anyone has answer for my question ?

Before ending my post, Just want to thank Mallya for stopping the auction of Gandhi's Items. This is the second time he has saved the nation by bringing back our heritage. He is the only business man i know who does something for country apart from his benefits. Thank you Mr. Mallya for doing this for Country.

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