Saturday, 27 June 2009

Never Say GoodBye

Yesterday around 10am, my brother gave me the breaking news that 'Michael Jackson' is gone. I was shocked hearing those 3 words. Though am not a hardcore fan of him, I did have a little bit of interest towards his music, dance, lifestyle and controversies !!!

Just two days back, my brother and myself had a talk over his last show in 'London'. Today, he is already gone. Nobody had a clue and for that matter he himself didn't. His last show never happened.

Lets try to remember the good things about him in his demise. He was a genius: Composer, Singer, Dancer, Performer, global celebrity. All extraordinary talents combined into one. He is a legend and has inspired choreographers, dancers, singers, artists, kids you name it. People started taking singing, dancing seriously as a career after watching him. Websites like Twitter, LA times crashed when people jammed the websites on his death.

He is the greatest celebrity in this century and the King of pop. No one even comes close. May he find freedom and happiness in his death. We have lost the greatest entertainer in the world. He is far greater than the media hyped trash like Curt Cobain and Princess Diana who just achieved greatness because they died an untimely death. To maintain a record and career like that for over 3 decades is no mean feat.

A child prodigy and a legendary entertainer is what MJ will be remembered for.
He bought style, flair and charm to his performance in a way that no one can ever will in decades to come.

You will be in hearts of people forever.. May God Keep your Soul in Peace.

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