Monday, 17 August 2009

Cadbury World

Who has not heard or rather eaten 'Cadbury Dairy Milk' chocolate ?? I am sure most of us would have craved for it in our childhood days. When ever my uncle was visiting us, he used to bring two big cadbury dairy milk chocolate for my brother and myself. We both wanted to it as slowly as possible and don't wanted to share it with anyone.
During my engineering days, If i miss breakfast/lunch before exams, I used to eat 2 small cadbury chocolates and drink one full glass of water. This was keeping my stomach full for the next 3hrs. I even remember keeping the silver/gold foil wrapped to the chocolates inside my text or note book.
With my first salary, I remember buying a big fruit and nut cadbury chocolate to home. My mom at first scolded me why do u spend money for such things and then she said where will we go out and buy such things !!!

Am sure everyone has many such sweet memories attached with Cadbury Dairy Milk..... The reason behind me writing all these here is, I was fortunate enough to visit the cadbury world and experience how and where the chocolate comes to LIFE.
Last sunday, We went to Balaji Temple which is at Birmingham. After the temple visit, we had decided to visit cadbury world which is just 10miles from the Temple. Only thing is we have to book appointment before hand to guarantee our entry inside the factory.
Ticket cost is £13.45. I was quite excited to visit the cadbury world and see how my fav chocolate is made.

After visiting the cadbury world, I sure tell you it is worth a visit. Though it is not a factory visit, the way it has been organised and arranged makes you feel so. Especially for kids, it is very fun filled and exciting visit. The indoor attraction is done really well and hats off to their creativity.
I personally liked, creation of chocolate mould of ourselves and train tour at the end.
During your visit, you will get hand full of chocolates and along with that you will know more about the cadbury history and how the chocolates were made etc
If you are living nearby to or in the Birmingham city, then do visit the cadbury world and make it a memorable one too.

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Sharath said...

Good to know that the visit brought back some of your memories.