Wednesday, 7 October 2009

If it is yours then it will sure come back to you....

I have been in UK for over one and a half years now and during this time i visited london only thrice. Every time I visited the city had a different experience and the first two visit being most memorable. The third visit to london ruined all the fun before even we started our tour. I lost my new hand bag while travelling in tube. It was so unfortunate that it happened just after landing to london and spoiled my trip. It was friday evening arnd 7.00 and the Lost Property Office was closed and we were not able to reach them over the phone also as it was their out of office time. I was getting frustrated and irritated on myself and also on the system as i am unable to reach anyone to help me in this regard.

In that helpless situation, Sharath went and asked a police man who was standing outside Downing Street. His reply was we cant do anything in this regard. Yes !! we knew the answer but still tried :(

After that I called, Customer helpline and informed about my loss. They asked me to call the Lost property office on monday and register a complaint. The next two days, every time i travelled in tube, I was hoping i might get my bag back.... but no i didnt. Along with my hand bag, I had lost keys to my home, Mobile phone, Return tickets to Bristol, money etc etc...
Ohh that was the worst experience i had in any trip.
We had to book our return tickets again as First Great Western doesnt give duplicate tickets and also doesnt refund tickets unless we submit the unused tickets.
I telephoned Lost Property Office on monday morning and gave all the details about my hand bag and the things i had kept inside the bag.
Before ending the call, i asked customer care what are the chances of getting the lost property ?
He said thousands of people travel everyday and hundreds of thing get lost. We try our level best to find your property but we cant give any assurance. OKEY!!!!
After 10 days, I receive a letter from TFL Lost Property Office mentioning they might have found my lost bag. Wow that was cool... they found my bag.
I ran to the telephone and called them to send the bag to my home address. I received my hand bag safely with all its contents inside except the money. I was so happy to see my hand bag again and holding it again. This is something very rare which has happened to me and got my lost hand bag.
" If you loose something then it will come back to you if it is really yours ". I dont know how much true it is but this time it has turned out to be true for me !!!!!!

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vinay said...

Since it happened in UK, u got all ur belongings. If it is in india, chances of getting it is <1%, though it belongs to u.
In this happy note can v expect any treat from ur side..