Thursday, 17 March 2011

JAPAN - The Nation of tragedy

What a tragedy has occured in japan. Very Sad and heart breaking. I really feel for those who lost their family, home, loved ones...

march 11th 2011 -> Devastating Day for JAPAN. Earthquake of magnitude 8.9 shook the eastern coast which led to deadly tsunami waves that swept away literally everything..

Its been nearly 6 days now, things are getting more and more worse in Japan. nuclear reactor blast has worsen the situation. I just pray that god gives all the strength and support for the people of Japan to withstand this calamity. Remembering WWII, I just wish that they can come back to their normal life style soon.

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Vinay Vasudeva said...

Can't help.., u know.., we are nearing 2012... keep tht in mind.. :)