Thursday, 30 August 2012

Service to Society

Everyday while coming to office or while traveling from one place to another in bangalore city, I see things which I really feel to change or stop in what ever way i can.... But I am not able to in many things... You might be wondering what am i talking about ??

Its about basic civic sense... People just dont bother about others. They are ok if things are fine with them :(

Today while coming to office i saw

Pile of Garbages covering half of the road and this is the case in most of the bangalore localities these days as there is a big issue about garbage dumping area. It rained heavily last night. Vehicles were passing by on top of these garbages and it looked yuck for me to pass that stretch.... Nobody is bothered. The concerned persons are sitting in A/C room discussing what can be done for this issue.... It has not yet resolved and it is almost a week now.

People just throw their household garbage on top of this pile and forget about it.
If you any time get a chance to travel in Ittamadu road these days then please look for amount of plastic spread across the road... I am just talking abt the plastic lying arnd 4km stretch. Can you imagine what is the case of whole bangalore ??? How can I Help Society to get rid of this ??

I always carry a bag with me when i go out for shopping and avoid buying it outside and even if they offer for free i say No.
I dont buy any plastic food container and try to store food items either in Steel or Glass box.

Apart from this, my concern is also in

~ Cutting Trees  - When ever i see a tree is being axed, I literally feel for it. I hate to be in that place and unable to do anything to stop them.

~ wasting water - People will happy to get cavery water 24/7 but they dont to spend money on rain water harvesting.

~ Digging Borewells - In my area, everyday i hear this borewell digging noise. Every new house tht is being constructed take permission for borewell. In every street, nearly 4 to 5 borewells will be there. What will happen to mother earth, if keep digging her like this for nearly 700 to 1000 ft underneath. Strictly, There should be some rules and guidelines need to followed before giving permission to

I Just want to know is there any way i can help society in resolving these issues..... !!!!!

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