Friday, 9 November 2012

US Govt. orders women to wear 'idiot' sign board

Today, I read a news in cnn-ibnlive website that US government has asked a women to wear a signboard saying 'Only a idiot drives on side walk to avoid school bus' for breaking traffic rules.
She was caught on camera driving on a sidewalk to avoid a Cleveland school bus that was unloading children.

At first when i read the news, i felt if our govt. starts taking action for such incidents then, I don't know how many people will be wearing such signboard and standing at the Interaction....
Traffic Rules are very hardly followed in India. As soon as they sit in the driver's seat, their goal is to reach destination either by going on the road or foot path or over taking from the opposite way or honking as soon as signal goes green even if he is at the end of that traffic signal...
Just two days back, while driving I was struck in an intersection such that from all the four ways people were blocking and no where any one can go and everyone is blocking each other... on top of that shouting and yelling at each other as if they are perfect and other person is wrong.

These days Traffic Department is working hard and punishing people by fining people with some amount for parking in no-parking zone, coming in one way, riding without helmet etc..
But soon they should start charging for people changing lanes and not following lane rules... driving on pavement etc

Hope to see a disciplined driving in Bangalore sometime soon.....

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