Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hit and Wait(Run) Case !!

You might be wondering by seeing the title of this post... Yes,my Car was hit yesterday morning  and I am still wondering whose fault was it ??

To pick my son from the school, I took my car and drove towards his school. Its a uphill while joining to main road from our layout. Its busy road always and I had to take right turn. I was in first gear and waited there for 2 mins so that my adjacent lane is free.. I slowly came half of the road and then joined the right lane.. Dough the sound came from my left side and a big vehicle passed in front of me. I was shocked and trembling. That was my first so called "accident" till now.

It was SUV and there was a scratch on the upper part of the rear wheel. I Just didn't know what happened and how it happened. The guy from that car, came out and said What the F*** ?
I was still in the shock mode, He came near my window and started shouting at me you hit my car.

me: I was taking turn and I have put the indicator also. Didn't you see that ??
he: You have hit my car. I had already passed. You have hit me from back.

The argument went on and I don't remember anything now. He went and sat on his car and started moving. Until then it didn't struck to my head to see what has happened to my car. I got down and checked the car. The left side bumper part, below head light was damaged. There was a dent and scratches on my car. I ran behind that car and banged on his car and asked him to stop.

Then I drove my vehicle little left to avoid traffic jam. When he came out and I showed him the damage that has happened to my car. Again our argument started about whose mistake it was.

I have started re-learning driving car from past 3 months and I still have 'L' sticker on my car as a per-caution to other riders :). I am little slow while taking turn, So i was damn sure that I had given clear sign from my side that I am taking right turn and I was slowly joining the right lane.

But his argument was you have hit me from back, so its you and not me. I took his registration number. Took the photos of both the car's damages. I didn't know whom to call at that time. I didn't wanted to panic anyone at home. When I was doing all these, he started speaking with his friends in hindi, call a police guy. lets sort it to out.

me: Yes, lets go to police station and sort it out.
he: Do you have a DL ??

me: (I was so pissed off..), No I dont have.
he: What ??

me: Tell me where do you want me to come. where is the police station ?
he: Go straight, you will get a circle. keep going straight and you will see a police station.

me: (So I understood, he knows this area). I have some other better work now. I need to pick my son from the school. You keep waiting there. I will come.
he: Which school ? How far it is ?

me: I don't have to give all those information to you.
he: Madam, Can I get phone number of anyone with whom i can speak ?

me: No. You be there, I will come.
he: You will come right. Other wise it will be hit and run case.

me: Who was running ?? It was you and I drove my vehicle towards my son's school.
On the way, I kept on recalling the incident and how it happened. Was it my mistake ?
What will the police say ? Should I go or not ? I had other tasks lined up after picking my son from the school. So i didn't know what to do.

I called my husband while driving to the school. kept the speaker on and tried to tell him. But he was not able to hear me properly and even i was not able to concentrate on the road. I saw in the rear-view mirror, he was following my car. I just kept moving and parked the car near school and got down. He came and asked, how long is it going to take ? I said 15mins. He said ok, I will wait.

I went inside the school compound and called my husband again. Explained him everything. He asked about damage and then said by rules, you were entering the main road, so you have to give way to the vehicles in the main road. If you go to police station they will say the same. He was hit from the back, so fault is from your side. He said don't go to police station and all. Try to settle it outside only. He asked me to call back once I reach home.

So I started thinking, How do i say this ? If i say lets not go to police station means mistake is mine. Though according to rules, he might be in the safer side. But according to me he should have slowdown when there is a vehicle taking turn which is already passed half the road. My concentration will be on the front of the road and I wont be seeing back. My only mistake was i didn't see left while joining the right lane. The on-coming vehicles would see me taking turn and slow down. More over, the visibility to the road in that junction is good. Its not like main road vehicles cannot see the vehicles joining from cross road. I kept on thinking all these and mean while I picked my son from his class and went to Activity room to collect his uniform. I was waiting in the queue. Its been more than 30 mins. I was thinking that guy might have gone by this time thinking I will not come out. I was just hoping for that. While standing in the queue, I turned back for some reason, I saw a guy standing outside near the glass window. I could not believe it was him.  How does he know that I am standing here ? First of all how did he come inside ?? Security guy might have thought he as a parent/guardian of a kid and let him inside. But how did he guess I am in Nursery section only ?? (so many thoughts were running in my mind).

He came inside the Activity room. I just moved out of the queue and told him calmly see if we go by rules, you were in the main road and hence mistake is mine. But logically, I was already on the main road and had given signal to turn right. So I was seeing front. Now damage has happened to my car. I have to claim it from my Insurer.

he: even I don't want to go to police, if you are ok with it. We will claim the damage from our respective Insurer. I am fine with it. I was actually coming in my normal speed. I saw your vehicle too. Mine is just a scratch and I just have use the solution and rub it. It will be fine. You can take my number and If you need anything while filing the claim let me know.

He was very polite and gentle. I took his number and gave mine too. He told am working for so and so company. I said fine and said sorry for making him wait. He said its ok and left the place.

So many thoughts were running in my mind. He seems to be educated and sensible guy. If it was my fault, why did he wait for me outside and as i didn't turn up he came inside the school and searched for me. After all these, he didn't show any frustration or irritation on me for making him wait for so long. Instead, he was trying and explaining me about the process of claiming Insurance. He was concerned whether I hold a DL or LLR as I had 'L' board on my car. After that incident, when ever I come to that spot, I try to recollect how it happened ??  I am still unable to make out how he could miss seeing my car taking turn.

Whose mistake was it anyway ??

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