Saturday, 31 December 2016

Facebook Mania

These days I see people using facebook platform as Notice Board. From the time they wakeup until they hit bed in the night they want to mention everyting in Facebook and share it with people. I agree its a public platform and people caon use it however they wish to. What I felt recently is that it unnecessarily creates peer pressure among others. If am not posting any posts then I feel I am out of the race!! by the by, This is not a healthy race. Some people posts about their achievements, some about their travels and few posts pictures of their al.. Who ever gets more Likes & comments then that person is most happening and famous in the group. I have friends who deleted their account as they could not cope up with this aversion. I have friends who asks me to like their posts & pics explicitly I have friends who thinks fb is the window to convey messages which they don't want to reveal directly. I actually became victim of checking my friends & families posts constantly and learning what are others are upto!!! It was really taking hell lot of my quality time.... At one point I realized, am just peeping out of my window always & curiously checking what my neighbours are upto??? Yacckkk how cheap!!!! Thank god I realized it at an early stage & now am out of this.