Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Something Special and Unique Gift !!!

Monday begining of the usual i got up, made breakfast and sent my husband to office and got busy with my household work. Around 11.30, someone knocked the front door and i opened the door without knowing what is awaiting for me... hmmmm there was delivery guy holding a box infront of me. Dont know who sent the box to me, i signed, said thanks to him and came inside.
Very curoious wanted to check first who sent it to me and it was none other than my husband.. hmm that was the surpize gift i got from him. Was very happy to check what would be the gift for me.... and can any one guess ???? I myself didnt, It was a " Moon ".
Yes a Moon.. was wondering how did he ever got an idea to gift me this and then i remembered few days back, before sleeping i opened windows so that 'moon light' can come inside our room.

My husband is very generous and big hearted, instead of moon light, he gifted me the moon itself... very smart ;)
This gift will be most memorable to me as it is really Unique and Special one for me!!!! Thank you very much my dear... you got me something really special ;-)

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Dimple Dalby a.k.a Ms.trouble said...

that was a very sweet post...