Friday, 12 September 2008

Unity In Diversity

I chose this name to my post because most of us do remember reading this in our text books during school days. This is what our teachers used to preach everyday in school and we did believe that and felt good about our nation.

As we grew up and started to understand what is happening around us, its natural to ask ourselves do we really have unity in diversity. Ok friends, by now you might have hinted what am i trying to write here... yes you guessed it right. Its all about the controversy we are hearing in news "Marathi Vs Hindi"...

Is language dividing Indians, instead of uniting us ???
Do we really need this kind of controversies ?? I personally feel what ever statement Mrs.Bachchans made in public might have hurt Marathi people but then she didn't speak in some language which they don't understand like Latin, Arabic or Malayalam. She spoke in 'Hindi' which is considered as our national language. I feel there was no need for Mr.Raj Thackeray to make a big issue of that and play with people emotions. When ever there is some controversy or any political fights, few cranky people never miss the opportunity to destroy the public properties like burning buses, throwing stones on malls and offices etc etc... not sure what joy they get by doing that but they forget that govt uses our tax money to pay for all these damages.

We should be proud of our languages and it should never divide people.Rather the language is not dividing Indians but Indians are dividing Indians in the name of language. Initially it was caste, religion, economic status and now language... Guys wake up where are we heading to with all these difference. Just look around and see developed countries, they are far far away from these fights..

I don't understand why media is not boycotting people like Raj Thackeray. He is just playing the language card for the vote bank politics in the state. I just pray people are not dumb to go with his words. if we seriously think these politicians are ruining our country left and right. Most of them are interested in developing themselves rather than developing the country!!! common people like me have to just watch their game.

Few hundred years back British used a famous technique "Divide and Rule" to conquer India. We all have learnt the lesson and the same technique is being used today by our own people to gain votes. Look at our fate!!!
Can we do anything ?? yes we can do by using our brains and not to fall for such political games.People will have to grow above all this if they want the country to stay united, and stop the influential people from twisting and turning the brains of people and provoking them against each other for their own good; specially on such pitiful issues of segregating the society on language basis.
Always every Indian should remember this mantra " We are Indians first ".

I believe in "Unity is in Diversity" and i wish my children's and grand children's should also believe in this !!!

Jai Hind


anandi said...

A very good post. Recently, I had a chat with my friends on racism and regionalism. Unfortunately, the unianimous statement was that on date, we Indians are a bigger racist than any other race. We divide ourselves on the basis of different criteria and keep harping upon it. It is sad but it is true.

Bhavana said...

Very true... lets try as much as we can to avoid it and be the smallest % of the other side. Thank you for your comments.

Sharu said...

Fantastic thoughts. I feel that its not something new we have seen. Just look at our neighbour, Srilanka, there is fight between Tamils and Sinhalese. We've had so many tension filled days and months when there was conflict between Kannadigas and Tamilians for the Cauvery Water. Politicians exploited people's emotions and continue to do so. Its really sad that we Indians are developing more regionalism than nationalism. I really hope that I am wrong on that but think its true. Not many come out and speak the way you have and so I would really like to congratulate you on that. Hope to see many such thoughts in future as well.