Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Effects of Sandy Hurricane in namma bengaluru....

Wow.... what a morning. Its Wednesday, mid of the week. Since morning its windy, drizzling and chill outside. I waited for the rain to stop so that i can ride to office without getting drenched....
 It stopped for sometime but the traffic in Bangalore which everybody know how it will be during rainy days made me drag on the road for nearly one and a half an hour.

I usually take 30 mins to reach office and it today it was 1 hour 15 mins.... that extra 45 mins made me drench in the rain.

So while coming to office, I felt this rainfall might be due the effects of Sandy Hurricane which is hitting badly in eastern part of North America.
The havoc that has been created by this super storm is unimaginable. No power, flooding all major cities of US of America,  Subways and Railroads have been halted....

How India will react for such major disaster if it occurs ( touch hood.... lets not wish for it).
Just for a small drizzle, the traffic goes bad, drainage system will get block, Garbage dumps....dont even ask about it...trees falling on the road, power cuts..
We are still a developing country...Lets get prepared for this one first.....alva ??

It started raining heavily again... me sipping hot green tea and ending this post here... feeling like listening to the song "Rim Jhim ghire saavan...." sung by Lt.Kishore Kumar dont know the movie name, have to search in my collection.

Take care...Drive home safely :)

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