Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Namma maneya putta kaithota...

Yes.... I have started one of my favorite hobby Gardening from this month...

I always had the dream of having a garden of my own and growing plants and spending my leisure time in there. After so many discussions along with my family members, I got few yards in our parking area to start my Gardening. I had asked the contractor to leave that without filling any mud.

I might be having  around 10 x 3 area left for gardening.. and the depth around 2 feet. I asked few of the nearby nursery to start with as the amount of mud to be filled was more, I dont wanted to take any chances. The red soil costed around Rs.50 per each cement bag and the organic fertilizer Rs.120.
We needed around 80 cement bags  to fill that area. It was almost equivalent to one tractor load....:-)

The initial investment is bit high. But according to that Gardener (He was J.P Nagar 2nd Phase), we dont have worry about the soil and the fertilizer for the next 5 years it seems. So for me it costed around Rs.8000 including soil, fertilizers, plants (3 hibiscus, 5 Rose, 2 Sevanthi, 1 Nimbu and 1 Curry leaves) and Medicines (Neem powder and Rose Powder).
If you dont have ground space then you can always grow plants in pots... Grow plants and it will automatically grows your inner happiness....these words are coming from my experience. Try it out and see.

Planning to have few more plants in the coming days and will upload pics when the flowers bloom in them.


Vinay Vasudeva said...

good.. A good hobby to start with... next time seed some fruit.. hasivadaga kelage bandu hannu thinbahudu... :)

Bhavana said...

yeah.... it is their in the plan... already papaya has been planted. Few more vegetables are on its way.