Monday, 30 July 2007

barcamp 4

Barcamp..barcamp..barcamp.. since last 1 week everyone must have heard or seen this 7 letters word in the newspaper. What is it ?? yeah even i had the question when i heard about it. Hari, my friend, colleague told me about this 6 months back during barcamp banglore 2 (bcb2). He had registered his name for social entrepreneurship. I really didn't give much importance to it.
Since last 1 month, every weekend he used to tell me i am going to barcamp meet... we are meeting there..we are meeting here... we have planned this n that... i was like what is this guy all about and what are they trying to do ??
I was really curious to know what the heck is this Barcamp and he gave me the wiki link to
barcamp to cure my curiosity. After glancing it here n there i felt let me be a part of it and see what is it all about... so i volunteered myself to this.

Friday the day before the bcb4, i went to IIMB at 4.30. It was my 2nd visit to IIMB..i had been there during last year of engg to seek a project. ok... now coming back to present,we were sitting in cafe coffee day (CCD) from 4.30 till 8.30 in the eve waiting for everyone to gather and discuss about the plan of action and what is my to do... at 7 people started assembling. Pradeep, who owns mapunit came at 7.30 and informed us we need to purchase stationary from Sapna Book House which is at Jayanagar. He had a really long list of stationery's to buy and it was almost 8 and 8.30 the shop closes. It was too funny... last min preparation always works.. i do everything at the last min and i love doing it... :) I don't want to be disciplined gal who finishes her work ahead of time.. na
Finally Pradeep, Hari, Hema and myself went for shopping... btb i didnt join them for shopping as it was getting late for me to go back home. So i asked Hari to drop me till home. And my day ended with the barcamp team.

Day1 @ barcamp ~ Day 1 was pretty exciting. I reached IIMB at 8:50 or so. I registered myself and took the badge. The crowd was pretty good. We decided to have 2 registration desk. Hari and myself went to have brk fast first. The brk fast included Pongal, vada, chutney. It was too good. After finishing the brk fast, went to 2nd registration desk and took the responsibility of handing the goodies to the attendees. uff...the registration count crossed 550. My shoulders were paining.... but the pain is worth!!! I enjoyed being a part of the barcamp. At around 10.30, the Introduction session started in the Audi. After that people moved to their interests of collectives. List of collectives for bcb4 being:
  • Technology Collectives
  • Developers Collectives
  • Startups Collective
  • Enterprise Collective
  • Special Interest Collective
  • Society and Government Collectives
  • Other Collectives / Non-Collective sessions
I sat for the startups session which was in the Audi. Prof Kumar was talking about starting a company and risks involved in it. It was more of a high level discussion for me and very Little was going into my head as i neither have a compnay nor planning to have one!!! I sat inside the audi for half an hour to 45 mins and i felt its better i attend some other collectives.
My Next stop was Bloggers Collective which is my recent interest too. When i went there Krishna and Nilesh were talking about 'Widgets'. 5W- Widgets, What, why, Where and How - This was the presentation title. That was pretty interesting session. Let me tell you what is it all about ... Widgets are nothing but third party application that can be used on our web page. It is an extra added functionality. To get more details please visit wiki site for
After this session, Anand Bora took over and he explained about 'Art Blogging'. He has done Amazing art work . I would want everyone to visit his site
'Improvising Versatility'. He does mouse sketch, writes poem, ambigram and many more....
Later, it was Tejesh who showcased his website which includes very useful information like events happening in Bangalore. Please visit his site at
In between Sridhar Rao was giving few useful tips and info. It was almost 2 in the afternoon and we decided to catch up after the lunch at 3. Lunch was ok ok..In the afternoon, we had a discussion about why people blog and what do they by blogging and how to make money by blogging....then ended my Day1 at BARCAMP...

Day 2 @ barcamp ~ It was Sunday and i started bit late to barcamp and it was almost 11 when i reached IIMB. Did few registration on 2nd day also. The crowd was comparatively less but who were present there considered to be serious and interested in barcamp. Once the registration is over, i went to my fav collectives...yes you have guessed right ;) Blogger!!!
On second day we covered, Mainstream Media Vs Blogging, Photo Blogging by
Arun Ram and Photo security, how to make money using Blog by Vikas Sharma.
Photo Blogging is also an interesting stuff. According to Arun, one has to spend min 2 to 2.5 hrs regularly everyday if we are into serious photo blogging. There are different kinds Photo Blogging. One can just post a picture and don't write any theme for it, post picture and dig around, find some information about the picture and write about it or the most creative one is just post the picture and picture should say all the message. None of them is easy. One has to dedicate some amount of time on this every day but it seems to be very interesting and gives exposure to lot many things. Later, the last session was by sean who launched his website ' and ''

At 18:30, feedback session happened in Audi and then UNBAND (by Jayanth and Shourya).... Saying bye bye to everyone and taking last min photos!!!!

Two days were really amazing and learnt a lot.... i started my blog without knowing what exactly it is and why people do it. and now i know what it is and even more stuff which i learnt from barcamp..

Thank you Barcamp and its organizers. :)
Please do have a look at the snaps below..

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