Sunday, 22 July 2007

My First Blog.....

All theses days i was wondering what is this blogging all about ?? why people are so much into it. What gives them ? so i started reading blogs written by others and tried to understand the whole concept of it :)
Finally, what i understood is, it is just a personal space who wants to share their thoughts and ideas and publish them. My next question was, what are they achieving from this ?? Answer varies...few wants to just share their thoughts and feel happy if people read it where as few others publish their innovative idea and will be very happy if others are interested in it and together they can achieve something.
Well...i fall into the first category. I just want to share my thoughts!!! And i am HERE

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*M@ŔїÞøŚĺŦä* said...

Hi, you...I'm just starting with this crazy thing bout bloggers! If you can speak Spanish,please...check mine! I would like an opinion ...Yours is very interesting, and our reasons to get into this are very similar too...hope your fine! From Venezuela...Mariposita!